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In General

Cincinnati Streetcar

  • The City of Cincinnati has approved a plan to build a 3.9-mile streetcar line between 2nd and Main to 20th & Elm together with an undefined connector to the Uptown area around the University of Cincinnati.
  • An “alternatives analysis” is underway to determine the Uptown connector’s preferred route.
  • The cost of the Downtown Loop is $102 million in 2010 dollars. The cost of the Uptown Connector is $26-30 million.
  • The Downtown Loop would use six modern streetcars, and the Uptown Connector would use two additional streetcars.
  • The cost to operate the Downtown Loop is $2.3 million per year.
  • Fewer than twenty downtown parking spaces will be lost due to the operation of the Cincinnati Streetcar.
  • System crossovers are provided on eastbound Central Parkway between Walnut Street and Main Street and at the intersection of Race Street and 12th Street. System crossovers will permit partial operation of the streetcar system if a section of track needs to be closed.
  • The Cincinnati Streetcar will operate seven days per week, averaging 18 hours of service per day.
  • The Cincinnati Streetcar will operate every 10 minutes during the peak travel periods and every 20 minutes during the off-peak.
  • The average streetcar travel time from the Banks to McMicken Avenue at the north end of Over-the-Rhine (a distance of 1.9 miles) will range from 15 minutes in the off-peak to about 16:30 minutes in peak periods.
  • There will be eighteen stops along the 3.9-mile route.
  • Much of the information above was taken, in some cases verbatim, from the “Cincinnati Streetcar Feasibility Study” by HDR Engineering and PB Americas, dated July 2007. The study can be accessed here: